Anna Hosker

Playground Consultant

After leaving University with a BSc Hons Degree in Sports Studies, I spent my time working for a company who specialised in Educational Resources as an Account Manager working in Primary Schools.

It was here, I realised my true love and passion for helping children to achieve their full potential at school.

Now working for Pentagon Play, I feel extremely lucky to not only work for an amazing company but to still be able to offer children regular opportunities to succeed, improve self-esteem and develop as a person within an outdoor learning environment.

Being a busy Mum of two very active young boys who are both equally obsessed with being outside, I truly understand the importance of children developing a keen relationship with the great outdoors. I believe it really helps to stimulate their creativity, improve self-esteem and teach them new skills while further developing others. 

I find my job so rewarding in many ways, you certainly can’t put a price on seeing hundreds of excited little faces, discovering their new playground for the first time. It makes all the hard work and effort we all contribute, as a team, so worthwhile.

Aside from work, my children generally keep me very active and on my toes. If it’s not Football Practice its Swimming, Rugby, Cricket or Street Dancing!

I have a keen interest in travelling and the bucket list of destinations is growing rapidly!

I enjoy going to the gym, running and leading a healthy lifestyle in my free time too.

Anna Hosker Anna Hosker

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