Jonathan Simpson

Senior Designer

As a designer, my role is to bring life to the plans that our play and education specialists will work on with our customers.

I have always been passionate about the visualisation of concepts; being interested in art and design from an early age I built a strong foundation of skills through life drawing, painting and dabbling in digital art.

Going through a foundation degree, I then went on to university where I studied design. I was fortunate enough to work on many live projects with big brands, and worked in a toy design consultancy for a summer placement. Since then, I have worked in the fashion design, and then came to work for Pentagon.

My design education has been fundamental to my development, and it has given me a real appreciation for a people-centred approach that I bring to all the work that I do. It is great to be part of a fantastic family of people who provide solutions that are a reflection of the passion and care that is felt by those both inside and outside of the company.

Jonathan Simpson Jonathan Simpson

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