The Pentagon Play Approach to Outdoor Consultations

Our approach to outdoor playground consultations has been a huge success since the pandemic began and has enabled us to continue providing exceptional outdoor learning environments for children across the country.

At Pentagon Play, we have coined the phrase “Alfresco Meeting” when visiting schools to discuss exciting plans for the playground. Before we arrive, we recommend having a warm coat, brolly and thermos flask to hand… the winter weather is upon us.

Reasons to not delay your playground development

Our company-wide mission is to “improve children’s lives today, to shape happier and healthier grown ups tomorrow” and we have successfully continued with this mission throughout the current pandemic.

Create that one special moment on your return to school

Even though school closures and lockdown are upon us, we would highly recommend you to not delay your playground development further. Here are some key reasons why:

  • Children’s wellbeing - It has been a difficult year for children’s wellbeing and mental health. We want to work with you to create that one special moment when children return to school. Giving them something to look forward will help bring the feel-good factor back.
  • Holiday Install Slots - We understand how important holiday installs can be to some schools. These slots get filled up fast and delaying your meeting raises the possibility of missing out on these install slots
  • Quieter and safer schools - While lockdowns and school closures are never ideal, they provide you with a quieter school to conduct playground consultations providing everyone with added safety.

We have been meeting schools across the country throughout 2020 and know exactly how to conduct consultations safely following the correct protocols.

During the first lockdown, a lot of schools capitalised on a quieter time in school to focus projects to ensure children had something exciting to look forward to on their return. Now is the time to carry on with this trend for better times ahead.

How we conduct outdoor playground consultations

Thermometer graphic with tick

Temperature Reading

Before any school visit, our consultants check their temperatures to ensure it is below the threshold advised by the government. These temperature readings are reported to the Sales Director and checks are made regularly throughout the day.

Our Safety Kit

Each consultant has the following safety kit:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Face Mask
  • Thermometer
Pentagon play team using PPE Pentagon play team using PPE Pentagon play team using PPE

2 metre distance and open-air consultations

We will conduct our consultations outside in the fresh air keeping to the recommended 2 metre distance outlined by the government. Our consultants will talk through your ideas on the playground before they map out and measure the area (they can be left to do this alone).

Meeting with 2 meter distance Meeting with 2 meter distance Meeting with 2 meter distance Meeting with 2 meter distance

Presenting your playground design

Your design and plans will be sent to you via email and we will follow this up with a phone call. We use Microsoft Teams which enables us to speak with you virtually while walking through your design.

To join a virtual conversation, we will send you an invite via email and you simply click the link presented to open a live chat with our consultant. We can share screens and walk through our plans and ideas step by step.

Presenting a playground design online via video chat

Virtual Consultation

If you do feel uncomfortable meeting face to face, we can simply set up a virtual consultation via Microsoft Teams using the same method mentioned above. We may need to visit your school to assess the site in question but to do this, we only require access to your school in your absence. While on your school site, we will either call or Facetime you to discuss your ideas and vision for the area.

Carrying out a virtual meeting through skype or zoom