Ali McAleer


As a mother of three very boisterous, energetic and noisy boys, I understand how important physical play is to children! My aim is to try to tire them out (in my case not often succeeding,) but also to help them learn and develop, both physically and educationally.

I have a degree in Interior Design, and have spent the 10 years pre-Pentagon working in the Exhibition Design industry. My role in Pentagon is to 3D visualise the designs, to try and enable you to fully imagine and appreciate how fantastic the design will be once built!

In my spare time, I love a good bracing bike ride in the hills, where I live you just can’t avoid them! I love to paint, especially trees, but I can’t explain why! In rebellion to all the testosterone in my house, I like to don a Cath Kidston pinny and whip up a storm on the baking front. The trouble is, this then means I have to get back on my bike to burn off those calories!

Ali McAleer Ali McAleer

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