George Bothamley

Graduate Warehouse Supervisor

Born and raised in the historic Borough of Twickenham, it's no wonder that I developed a great interest in history! So great of an interest, in fact, that I studied it all the way through my education, learning all about different cultures and reflecting on the past! History is full of interesting characters, plot lines and inspirational people- a bit like Pentagon Play, I suppose!

I always thought that I'd take this curiosity and put it to use as a detective, but it turns out, you can solve problems in all sorts of careers- especially as a warehouse supervisor! I've also been able to put my problem solving skills to the test when running my own business and navigating exciting routes for me to take my bike. 

I guess you could say that I love to challenge myself and I'm very excited to be contributing to the growth of the company!

I've also got a pretty interesting story about myself and Greg Davies in the TV Show, Man Down- he really is an obscenely tall man! 

George Bothamley George Bothamley

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