Marion McCall

Sales Consultant

I have worked in education since 2006.  I started out as an account manager for a school photography company, then went on to work for an educational publisher until 2013, and until I joined Pentagon Play recently, I was working for a company that designed and supplied educational resources so I have had lots of different experiences working with schools and nurseries.

Pentagon Play is the best one of all for me as it helps to unleash my inner child and creative side!  My step children are both in their twenties now but when they were young I was always the parent that was playing in the ball pit or sliding down drop slides with them, so to be able to work for a company that designs beautiful, solid educational play equipment is perfect for me!

Outside of work, I live with my long-term partner Ian.  We both have a motorbike and enjoy going out for the day when the sun is shining.  We also have two retired ex-racing greyhounds, and one rescued greyhound (he was a stray) and an ex-feral cat that I hand-reared.  As we live on the edge of Thetford forest in Norfolk, we have lots of space to enjoy lovely walks.  I also compete throughout the summer in sprint triathlons, and in the winter I run in cross countries and keep myself ‘ticking over’ by running, swimming and riding on my turbo trainer.  I live in a cottage that was built in 1870 and is very quirky, as old cottages often are, which means I can unleash my creative side on old bits of furniture that I have picked up from antique shops or car boots and ‘upcycle’ them to fit to the style of my home. 

My motto in life is ‘treat people how you wish to be treated yourself’.  


Marion McCall Marion McCall

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