Phil Raikes

Programme Manager

I spent my childhood in Yorkshire and can understand why they call it God's County! It inspired my love for the outdoors that continues to this day! When I was younger, I always wanted to be a Cricketer or an RAF Regiment Officer and although that didn't happen, I still love cricket and play internationally for Gibraltar. My interests have always been focused around the great outdoors as I used to love Geography at school so the wild and wonderful nature of Geography, Geology and Environmentalism are still very much a passion.

In my spare time, my wife Chloe, my spaniel Percy and I are all completely obsessed with the wilderness and anything outdoors, especially when there is a beach or a mountain involved so we tend to escape to somewhere wild and wonderful at weekends when schedules allow. Equally I love a quiet Autumn/Winter weekend at home watching Rugby and cooking good food. I’m a real cricket ‘badger’ and play regularly for Toft CC during the summer months. 

Working at Pentagon is a great fit for me as I love being a part of a fantastic and fun-loving team and it's such a rewarding job to manage the installation co-ordinators and help them tackle construction challenges. 


Phil Raikes Phil Raikes

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