Paul Bayliss

Sales Director

I initially joined Pentagon Play, back in 2005, as an Installer. The last eight years have seen me learn my current role (as a Sales Consultant) from the grassroots level. As an installer, physically building the equipment as the children looked on, seeing their excitement first hand, helped me developed a passion for designing playgrounds.

I love my position within Pentagon Sport as it allows me to be a big kid and gives me the opportunity to design playgrounds that I would have loved to play in, back when I was at school. I like to look at how best to zone a school playground when designing outdoor spaces for schools. It’s important to ensure that there is something for every child, whether it be a hectic game of football (in a sports enclosure) or a quiet reading area, where friendships can be made.

The design process in itself is extremely enjoyable, invariably starting off as a meeting with the school council and a myriad of questions being fired at me! It is here where I get to hear some great thoughts and ideas on our play equipment and gain a better understanding of how, if money was no object, the children would design their play areas. It then gives me great satisfaction, upon fruition of these projects, to return to the school and see your children enjoying using the equipment.

I myself have great memories of my time at school; I was involved in all the after school sports activities and loved my playtimes – in fact, my parents had to take me to school 30 minutes before the bell rang just so that my friends and I could play before school started! I will forever remember using jumpers for goal posts, as we played football on the tarmac in the winter and feeling like I had won the lottery when the weather turned nice and the teachers allowed us to play on the fields. I consider myself very lucky to have had a fabulous time at Primary School and am extremely fortunate to now have a job that lets me stay young at heart and create fantastic experiences for Today’s children.

Paul Bayliss Paul Bayliss

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