Robert Evans

Warehouse Operative

When I was a youngster, I wanted to be a soldier in the British Army because of watching action movies on the TV. That then led me to joining an army cadet force where I enjoyed amazing activities, experiences and training that helped me later in life.

My favourite subject at school had to be Physical Education where I was able to play my favourite sport football. This passion led me to playing for various Avon youth league football teams and when I stopped playing I had gained a FA Level 1 coaching badge so that I could coach under 14’s in the same league that I played in when I was a young lad.

I am a very proud family man who loves to enjoy quality time with my wife and kids, so days out, holidays and other activities is what we do most in my spare time, but the little spare time that is left, then you’ll find me in a snooker hall, watching football and the gym that is not very often anymore lol.

Recently I have taken up learning to DJ from my Father-in-law as a new hobby, I am definitely no Avici or Teiesto, but I am able to provide great musical entertainment for good times.

Robert Evans Robert Evans

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