Usman Hamid

Operations Director & Shareholder

My background is primarily in Aerospace Engineering and Project Management.

As Pentagon's Operations Director, I get to use my analytical mind to find creative and effective solutions, and help to bring fantasy playgrounds to life.

In my spare time, when I'm not in the gym, I live and breathe formula one.  I can play/watch cricket for hours. I'm a huge boxing and MMA enthusiast.

Fun fact: Remember the little boy from the film "East is East"? That could have been me.  The story goes... when they were searching for a young star to play the lead role, my teachers put me forward for it. I pulled out during the auditions though. I might not be the movie star that I was destined to be, but I get to be part of the best team anyone could ever be part of. A great bunch of smiling  people,  who work incredibly hard to empower others.

Family is everything to me and I am an extremely proud Father to a 7 year old 'child genius' boy (with a specialist interest in Super Mario Bros). I am also 'Daddy' to an angelic and equally strong-willed 4 year old girl.


Usman Hamid Usman Hamid

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