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Haddon Investigative Play Tower

Our product code: P-AP-T-HIPT

A place where active children and young scientists combine to play and learn together...

Our Haddon Investigative Play Tower is designed to promote learning at height and collaborative play. With the help of the Rope and Pulley systems, children will be able to pass materials such as sand and water (from the Sand Box and Water Wall) to the to children on the top decks of the tower and vice versa down a shoot directly aimed into the Sand Pit.

This adds variation to children's play and outdoor learning as topics such as gravity can be introduced.

There are also fun and exciting active challenges that will develop children physically and improve their gross motor skills. This exciting structure will create a zone for physical development, messy play, investigative learning and even den-making.

Technical Details

  • High pressure treated 'play grade' timber
  • Aluminum trough, lower water reservoir 


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