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Imagination Station

Our product code: P-IC-DMP-IS

Our Imagination Station is the perfect non-descriptive group play apparatus that will influence children to bounce imaginative pay ideas off of each other to provide a mesmerising make-believe hub in your playground. Our station includes den posts in the middle of the design which are ideal for transforming the area into anything the children desire through den making from anything. One day it's ship, another day it's a pirate ship and on other occasions it could be a flying space ship, Rather than being a static piece of playground equipment that has only one purpose, the Imagination Station is open ended and is created through children's input and interactions with each other, Through this fun structure, you will see children improve their language and social competence as well as their PSED.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 10000mm x 2000mm x 1800mm 
  • Rear Deck Size (L x W x H): 2000mm x 2000mm x 1400mm 
  • Front Deck Size (L x W x H): 2000mm x 2000mm x 1100mm​



  • Den making posts with eyelets (x 9)
  • Internal seating to three sides

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