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Year 6 Leavers Bench

Voted PTA Top Buy! Give your year 6 leavers a gift they'll never forget with this long-lasting and personalised Leavers Bench!

  • Pentagon Play's first self-build product arriving flatpack for the children to build themselves together.
  • We believe a year 6 leavers present should be about legacy which is why we engrave the name of the children into the bench backboard.
  • Including clear instructions, safe tools and a personalised backboard, pupils can work together on one final project after years of friendship.
Students stood around their Leavers Bench
Choose the pair bench pack (40 names) or singular bench (20 names).
Leavers Bench with student names engraved
Customise to fit as many names on the backboards as possible.
Students building a Year 6 Leavers Bench
Clear and easy to read instructions for children to understand.

We know that they deliver within timescales, have high quality equipment and have integrity in ensuring everything is done well.

James Hollinsley - Waltham Holy Cross Primary Academy, Essex

Students building a Year 6 Leavers Bench

Leavers Bench

The backboard can be engraved with each of your classes names, so that younger students and staff will remember each child who passed through the school, after moving onto high school.

Designed by...

Ellen Jameson

Product Designer

Product Designer - Ellen Jameson