About Us

Transforming Playgrounds Into Enthralling Outdoor Learning Environments Since 1998


Pentagon has been inspiring learning through play since 1998 and are specialists in making school playground equipment stimulating and challenging for children. Our wide range of play equipment has been specifically designed to develop key skills whilst making children's learning experience fun. To date, we have worked on over 6000 settings.

Perhaps it's your aim to build children's confidence, encourage physical development or maybe you want an outdoor environment that inspires a creative approach to teaching core subjects; Pentagon has the knowledge and experience to create any setting to help achieve your goals with designs that support key topics across the curriculum. 

An outdoor classroom will provide an oxygen-rich environment for teaching, a trim trail encourages competition and imaginative play whilst a climbing frame is perfect for physical development and building self-confidence. With endless possibilities, our team of talented designers, educational experts, EYFS enthusiasts and knowledgeable consultants, are here to find the right solution for you.

Pentagon's innovative Projects have brightened up schools and learning for over 15 years. Why not read our Testimonials to see why we are the name to be trusted and great team to collaborate with.  

Design Your Own Playground


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, so no idea or design is ever too much for our specialist craftsman and designers. We understand that every school is different, so we allow ourselves to be flexible and cater for any bespoke need. 

Our team would love to collaborate on a new idea you may have that is different from what we already offer and as we always emphasise, we are more than off the shelf products, so whether you want to tweak one of our current offerings or create something from scratch, we have the knowledge and expertise to make this happen.

Over 15 years has passed and our passion to transform school playgrounds into enthralling outdoor learning environments, is still as evident today, as it was when we began this playful adventure.