Outdoor Mud Kitchen Range

Do Messy Play your way with Pentagon Play’s high-quality EYFS Mud Kitchens!

School students playing with mud kitchen
  • Introducing our new Mud Kitchen range, featuring miniature kitchens designed for outdoor use to allow children to engage in messy play.
  • These play facilities are designed to be extremely realistic, featuring an oven door, draining surface and metal sink trays.
  • Support your pupils as they engage in story-telling and role play games in their new messy play space, using substances such as soil, water, glitter and more!
Child playing with mud oven

Detailed designs allow for realistic and imaginative roleplay.

Children working at mud sink

Constructed from easy-to-clean surfaces for quick tidy up!

Child working on mud kitchen

Available as individual items or complete packages.

Our new Mud Kitchen has really enhanced the children’s learning. They are developing their motor skills, creative thinking, investigative skills and understanding of mathematical concepts.

Nene Valley Primary School, Peterborough

Students playing with mud sink

Mud Kitchen with Oven

Designed to make imaginative play as accessible as possible for children, this outdoor Mud Kitchen features four chalkboard hobs with an adjustable hot and cold slider.

This kitchen features a double sink and a chalkboard panel on the back for pupils to write their very own recipes!

The EYFS Mud Kitchen is designed at the perfect height for your Nursery and Reception pupils; it’s even great for toddlers!

Mud Kitchen with Sink

Messy play has never been more accessible to EYFS pupils than with Pentagon’s brand-new Mud Kitchen with Sink.

The moveable oven door offers imaginative play opportunities like never before, as well as the chalkboard hobs providing a realistic play space for storytelling.

The wooden tap above the silver basins will allow pupils to combine mud and water play as they develop their investigative skills through play.

Mud Kitchen Island

Designed to provide an extra messy play worktop for pupils, this island features a silver basin for combined water and mud play or easy clean up and storage for mud at the end of the day.

The island features a storage place beneath where pupils can keep all the props that they need for their imaginative play in their new Mud Kitchen space.

Messy play allows children to explore their investigative side and develop their story-telling and imagination skills.

Commis Chef Mud Kitchen Package

This combination set is ideal for EYFS children with an interest in imaginative and messy play!

Children can recreate real-life scenarios and develop their understanding of the world through play by baking, washing and tidying, just like they see at home.

Pupils will develop their fine motor skills also, turning the dials and crafting their mud creations!

This package provides a great space for children to build their curiosity and sensory skills.

Sous Chef Mud Kitchen Package

This is the ideal package for pupils looking to combine mud and water play to create the ultimate messy play zone!

Fitted with a realistic looking tap, children can mimic real-life scenarios, such as washing the dishes, to develop their understanding of the world.

For extra storage for their story-telling props, the children have space underneath the Mud Kitchen and Island as well as three metal basins providing a great clean up space!

Head Chef Mud Kitchen Package

This is the largest Mud Kitchen pack we offer, featuring all three of our Mud Kitchens designs for the most creative and imaginative messy play zone available.

This is the largest Mud Kitchen pack we offer, featuring all three of our Mud Kitchens designs for the most creative and imaginative messy play zone available.

This package allows for realistic story-telling as well as building their sensory awareness and understanding!

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