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Pentagon Play Essentials Range

Low-cost, high-quality play equipment making imaginative play accessible for every child.

  • Introducing our new Essentials range - low-cost play equipment, with all the quality of our classic Pentagon products!
  • Every child has the right to engaging, interactive play equipment that will support their learning through play.
  • This range has been designed to ensure that children from all backgrounds have access to fun, vibrant, exciting play equipment that fits into your budget.
An early years child playing with affordable Mud Kitchen outside
15-year guarantee on all timber products for long-lasting solutions.
A primary school student playing with Water Wall Hooks outside
Affordable solutions for your playground, garden, or nursery space!
Primary school students playing with Tuff Spot Table
A range of play options to target your learning needs.

Our new Mud Kitchen has really enhanced the children's learning. They are developing their motor skills, creative thinking, investigative skills and understanding of mathematical concepts.

Nene Valley Primary School, Peterborough


Water Channel Hooks

One of our simplest yet most effective products, these Water Channel Hooks allow children to experiment with the movement of water, learning all about the principles of gravity and flow, without the whole water wall frame.

Position these hooks on fences or gates and encourage children to experiment in angling the water channels in different ways to see how water, cars, balls, or other materials move along the tubes.


Tuff Spot Table and Stand

Lead fun and engaging play and learning activities for your pupils with this low-level Tuff Spot Table, designed to offer an interactive space for all sorts of activities.

Each table comes with a cog and 8 dividers, encouraging you to use the space as a sorting location for your pupils, dividing the space up as you choose.

This table also comes with 3 water channels, inviting you to incorporate multiple different substances, toys and learning materials into your play.


Mud Kitchen

It's time to get mixing and making with our budget-friendly mud kitchen!

Allow your pupils to learn through play by incorporating a range of creative elements, including an in-built chalkboard to support fine motor skills and improve dexterity.

The Mud Kitchen also has a serving hatch for realistic imaginative role play and a removable sink for storing mud.


Flat-pack Playhouse

Our Essentials Range playhouse is perfect for small spaces such as nursery gardens.

Designed to encourage storytelling and imaginative role play, this playhouse provides a den space for pupils to explore, using the shelter as a home corner, supermarket, Vets and more!


Group Art Easel

Encourage team building with your pupils with our 4-sided Group Art Easel!

Pupils can create art using paint, chalk, pens, and other materials to explore their imaginative and creative side.

The Group Art Easel has two opposing transparent paint panels, enabling pupils to see each other and paint portraits of one another.


Group Music Easel

Let your pupils learn about pitch and tone with our sensory Group Music Easel!

Pupils can develop their team building skills by making music together and writing songs.

The Group Music Easel features a Wooden Xylophone, a Plastic Xylophone, a Wooden Marimba and a Chalkboard.

Designed by...

Ellen Jameson

Product Designer

Product Designer - Ellen Jameson