EYFS Water Wall Range

See the options here for your very own Outdoor Water Wall Feature, designed for children’s play!

school student playing with water wall
  • Introducing our brand-new Water Wall, designed specifically to suit younger pupils in their earlier stages of development.
  • Built at a smaller height for fuller reach, pupils will test their problem-solving skills while they explore the many wonders of water.
  • The new peg board feature helps children easily customise the route of the water using the channels, stoppers and brackets, learning all about gravity and the water cycle as they go.
child pouring water into water wall

Ideal for Nursery and EYFS pupils.

children playing with water wall

Designed with the primary science curriculum in mind.

child playing with water wall

Completely moveable to be suited to your needs.

The Water Wall has been useful in giving the children the opportunity to experiment with moving the plastic and finding the quickest way to get the water from top to bottom.

Chelmondiston Primary School, Ipswich

students building leavers bench

Mini Early Years Water Wall

This freestanding mini water wall is designed for EYFS children to easily reach the tubes and channels at a lower level.

Providing plenty of opportunities for play and learning, children can adjust the three varied length channels for water to flow in different directions towards the ground.

Early Years Water Wall

Designed with the scientific curriculum in mind, children can move the tubes as they like and watch how the water flows from the top to the bottom.

This new design is more accessible for younger children, giving them a fun play and learning space for their outdoor area.

Support your pupils as they build their understanding of the world around them using different states and textures.

Coniston Water Play Package

For your younger children who are just beginning to develop those key coordination skills required when working with water, this miniature water well is better suited to their height level giving them greater control.

This package includes the mini water wall and mini water channel stands so that younger children can reach all of the tubes and funnels to direct the water.

Ullswater Water Play Package

Ideal for nursery pupils, this mini pack gives children all the fun of the normal sized package but in miniature.

This means that pupils will be able to reach the top of the water wall and direct their water towards the Mini Tuff Spot Table below where they can play around.

Lough Neagh Water Play Package

Upgrade your water wall with this package giving you access to the additional Water Channel Stands so that pupils can channel the water to an external bucket or bowl.

This set gives pupils more freedom of choice in their play as they direct the water in whichever direction they like and learn about how water does and doesn’t move.

Buttermere Water Play Package

This is an amazing package for those wishing to encourage their pupils to not only direct the water, but also to provide a play space for still water.

Using the tubes, pupils can direct their water down the tubes until it ultimately reaches the Mini Tuff Spot Table below.

Once it has reached the table, the children can get splish and splash with boats, fish and whatever other wet play toys they have access to.

Windemere Water Play Package

Made for more still water play, this package consists of the Water Wall, Water Channel Stands and a Water Table which has a much larger capacity than the Mini Tuff Spot Table.

This set is ideal for those looking to create a versatile water play area with a multitude of play possibilities where the items can be used in conjunction with one another or individually.

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