Early Years Furniture from Pentagon Play

Having specialised in the Outdoor Playground Industry for over 25 years, we decided that it was time for another adventure.

Creating versatile, reliable, and long-lasting learning spaces is something that we’re experts in, so moving from outdoor to indoor was such an exciting process for us.

Whether looking for affordable seating and storage solutions, vibrant reading corner solutions or comfortable furniture for your nursery or school, there are a range of solutions here for you from Pentagon Play.

stackable storage and seating units

Products stack easily together to save space in the classroom

configurable breakout space using stack and sit furniture

Create breakout spaces, designed for smaller groups of pupils

stack and sit unit storing Lego bricks

Design collaborative working spaces with interactive materials

The products facilitate the early years curriculum really well, we’ve got lots of different areas that we can use in lots of different ways - it’s a very flexible space! The range is really well-designed and it facilitates the Early Years curriculum brilliantly! Our space is now very flexible, enabling us to change it to suit the needs of the children.

Holmes Chapel Primary School

Early Years Furniture

With a dedication to crafting high-quality, versatile school furniture, our Products team have worked closely with schools to design a range to fulfil teachers’ requirements, to enhance learning and play spaces for pupils.

stack and sit package 1
From £495

Classroom Seating

Discover the innovative Stack and Sit – a classroom staple from Pentagon Play! These multi-purpose stools and benches can be used for seating, stacking, storing and self-selecting.

Designed to create a changeable learning space, teachers can arrange the lightweight, movable seating into any formation, creating collaborative and interactive work zones.

The possibilities are endless with the Stack and Sit, with a host of additional features that are loved by children and teachers alike!

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stack and sit stools
stack and sit stool
stools stacked on top of each other
school children playing with stack and sit
school child taking lid off stool
stack and sit storing children's toys
stack and sit bench with toys
stack and sit bench with toys
stack and sit bench with toys
stack and sit bench with toys
stack and sit bench with toys
stack and sit bench with toys
book storage on wheels in classroom
From £475

Book Storage

Our range of book storage is the perfect addition to any classroom and learning environment.

Designed to be low-level and accessible to encourage self-selection, this range creates an inviting and engaging learning space for your pupils.

Whether you’re looking to create a library or an interactive book zone, these book storage facilities can be used in any space, and are designed to look natural and modern, yet still inviting.

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book shelf for children's story books
school children using book storage
school child taking a book from bookcase on wheels
open shelving unit with children's toys on display
open shelving unit with children's books on display
school child storing toys on angled shelf unit
stack and sit package 3
From £1,095

Furniture Bundles

Boost pupil engagement by creating specific zones within the classroom, such as writing zones, reading corners, or sensory spaces.

Designed to offer you a combination storage and learning facility, these packages come with low-level storage cupboards, multi-purpose seating stools and benches, as well role-play provisions.

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school children sat on stack and sit stools around art easel
pupils writing on whiteboard table with stack and sit stools
children sat on stack and sit benches
children having fun around art easel drawing cartoons
two school students writing on paper reel of art easel
school pupils stacking stools
stack and sit package 4
From £695

Role Play & Learning

Create role play and learning spaces where your pupils can make their stories come to life and engage in learning through play.

Using our Role Play and Learning Classroom Furniture range, teachers can create fun spaces for EYFS pupils to explore, engaging their creativity and gross motor skills.

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school children talking around art easel
two students drawing on whiteboard of art easel
two school children using the art easel from both sides
school student drawing on chalkboard of art easel
open art easel showing storage possibilities with access from both sides
paint and drawing accessories stored inside art easel

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