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Role Play & Learning

Available to order online!

Available to order online!
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Create role play and learning spaces where your pupils can engage in focused, dedicated learning.

Using our Role Play and Learning Classroom Furniture range, you can create distinct spaces within your early years classroom environment for your pupils to explore and enjoy, engaging their storytelling and creativity skills! Create specific zones for learning, such as writing zones, reading corners, or a sensory space!

Introducing Our Role Play and Learning Range!

Create role-play and storytelling zones for your pupils with our Role Play and Learning Range. 

Designed to support and facilitate independent and creative learning, our products will enable you to create unique and distinct spaces within your classroom where children can go and build a world of their imagination. 

Your classroom can become a home, a doctor's surgery, a veterinary office, a library, a woodland, a magician's cavern or whatever else your pupils dream of with our versatile role play and learning range. 

Each resource is designed to be the perfect height for both pupils and teachers to access, meaning children can self-select their resources with ease, teaching them independence and responsibility, and allowing them to play and learn with confidence and creativity.

With our versatile products, you can mix and match elements to create a bespoke classroom space of your choosing.

Each item offers an abundance of learning opportunities for pupils of all ages, and the real magic comes from how you and your class use them. 

Add to your classroom at any time from this natural, and coordinating range, all designed to create a modern yet inviting space for learning. 

Our range offers you the opportunity to create zones within your larger classroom space, splitting your larger class of pupils into smaller groups with individual tasks, and giving them dedicated spaces for some focused learning time.

Providing a zone for them to immerse themselves in a task can be crucial to their development and understanding. Find out how you can create your very own role play zone now!