Chris Whitby

Playground Installer

I grew up in Bolton but always really wanted to travel the world! That's why I loved geography so much when I was at school because I got to see all of the amazing places across the world that I wanted to see when I was older!

I also really wanted to be a soldier growing up so I definitely thought that that would be where I'd end up. However, my love for the outdoors grew and here I am as a Pentagon Play Playground Installer. 

Getting to be outside in the fresh air is always great as at home I'm very busy in the middle of my house renovation so it's all hands on deck! As if that wasn't enough, I've also set myself the challenge of building my own motorcycle!

I like to have fun and I even went as far as getting a fish tattooed on my finger- I call it a fish finger! 

Chris Whitby Chris Whitby

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