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Gable-End Outdoor Classrooms

Sticker graphic representing Gable-End Outdoor Classroom Options

Gable-End Outdoor Classroom Options


Our Gable-End Outdoor Classrooms will create an incredible outdoor classroom at your school. Bespoke-made and built on site to tailor to the needs of your school, our Gable-End Outdoor Classrooms have a wide variety of decking and cladding options as well as options for benches and mark making boards. With different sizes available, you will be able to take an entire classroom outside, in a fully waterproof environment, to learn amongst nature.

Learn Amongst Nature with our Gable-End Outdoor Classrooms

If it’s an open-ended outlet for outdoor learning that your school needs, then our Gable-End Outdoor Classrooms are the perfect pitch!

Offering both shade and shelter during lessons and playtimes, they’re designed to deliver an incredible, versatile, multi-sensory outdoor learning space to your school field or playground. 

Children love learning outdoors at any time of year. They love the flexibility and the sense of freedom that an outdoor classroom brings - freedom to move without being confined to one space as they learn. 

With a Gable-End Outdoor Classroom, your pupils have a real opportunity to immerse themselves and fully engage in outdoor learning activities every day - developing their creativity, broadening their experiences and learning from their surroundings, and improving their understanding of the world around them - whatever (and including!) the weather. 

We can build our Gable-End Outdoor Classrooms in all different sizes, to support small group work or to host an entire class or year group enjoying the wonders of the outdoors in a fully waterproof environment. 

We have a great selection of decking and cladding styles to choose from - entrances, exits and floor surfaces can be tailored to suit your access requirements and allow wheelchair access for fully inclusive outdoor learning.

Our experienced consultants are always available to discuss your school’s specific needs with you, to help you with inspirational ideas and to ensure that you get exactly what you want out of your Gable-End Outdoor Classroom. 

We can add in fixed and flexible seating choices, and mark making boards, all at different heights to accommodate children of all ages in comfort. Coordinating planters can be built in for a sensory eco-space, to create themes and enhance sensory learning.  

Once installed, our Gable-End Outdoor Classrooms can evolve naturally with your timetable and become a regular feature of the school day. And everyone benefits! There’s nothing quite as good as a dose of fresh air for awakening the mind, boosting the mood, and helping children to be ready to listen and learn - no wonder they love their outdoor learning!