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Our huge range of Outdoor Musical Instruments will inspire children to explore musical sounds, experiment with rhythm, learn how to count and perform music together. Providing your children with an environment that promotes the use of music will allow them to feel free and not be afraid to make as much noise as possible. Music brings people together and your children will certainly enjoy performing in front of one another (a great confidence booster).

Add Musical Play Equipment To Your School Playground


Stimulate the senses and ignite their passion for music with our educationally enriching range of Outdoor Musical Instruments for schools and nurseries.

We have developed a fabulous new range of Outdoor Musical Instruments that will encourage children to explore the wonders of sound in your outdoor learning environment.

Each of our products in the range have been carefully researched and tested to provide a broad range of sound experiences, and where relevant they have been tuned to the C major scale - the basic 8 note scale which forms a starting point when beginning to learn about musical performance.

The perfect addition to any playground, our Outdoor Musical Instruments are designed to stimulate the auditory system, and to present children with a more extensive and immersive selection of sensory play activities.

Alongside sensory learning experiences, our Outdoor Musical Instruments can be used for a collection of cross-curricular learning opportunities in all manner of ways across EYFS, KS1 and KS2. They will support teachers in forming varied learning experiences for children, as they explore and investigate not just different sounds, but rhythms, beats, counting patterns and developing language, communication and social skills.

Form a band with friends and put on a show! Music brings people together - and providing children with a selection of instruments is a wonderful way to create an inclusive play environment that will enable all children, no matter their needs or abilities, to work and play together.

We can install our Outdoor Musical Instruments at different heights and angles to suit your outdoor learning environment, and to ensure that children with Special Education Needs, including children using walking aids or wheelchairs, can get involved and play in comfort alongside their friends.

Some of our Outdoor Musical Instruments are freestanding, so they can be moved from one area of the playground to another. Encourage students to get creative and use their imaginations by placing musical instruments on or next to an outdoor stage for marvellous musical performances - a brilliant way to introduce fun role play activities and boost their self-confidence.

Ideally placed in Early Years playgrounds or nursery gardens, our Outdoor Musical Instruments can help to promote early physical literacy skills, with grip and grasp actions as they grip the beaters, and aim and tap the instruments enhancing their fine motor skills, gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Outdoor Musical Instruments are ideal resources for investigative STEAM learning. Constructed from a range of high quality materials including steel, timber and rubber, children can explore how and why different instruments create different sounds, different pitches and different effects - how sound travels and the effects that different sounds have upon us.

Innovative, durable, and always exciting - our Outdoor Musical Instruments will provide your pupils with plenty of pitch-perfect play opportunities for many years to come!

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