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Our durable rubber grass mats are ideal for playgrounds and high traffic play areas. Our unique products named Playground Safermats can be placed under playground equipment to create a safe place to play and take safe risks. Our Safermats allow grass to grow through and also provide a safe non-slip play area.

Safermats are a simple and cost-effective option to resurfacing in smaller sections of the school field


Our durable rubber Safermats are a simple and cost-effective alternative option to resurfacing in smaller sections of the school field, where grass is prone to wear and tear.

Used in high-traffic grass areas around your school grounds, Safermats provide an extra-wear course that allows natural grass to grow through and thrive, maintaining the aesthetics of your green spaces and extending and prolonging their use.

Our impact-attenuating Safermats can be installed to help lower the risk of injury to children as they play on playground equipment at different heights. They form a shock-absorbing, non-slip safety surface for installation under and around playground equipment such as swings, slides and playframes.

With Safermats you can easily create non-slip pathways, and year-round designated access routes across the grass to your secret garden, forest schools or horticultural outdoor learning areas - without ever having to worry about the mud!

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