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Active Play

Trim Trails For Schools

Trim Trails

Outdoor Climbing Frames For Schools


Playground Climbing Towers For Schools


Imaginative Treehouses For Schools and Playgrounds

Bespoke Treehouses

Kinetic Playground Equipment

Playground Castles For Schools

Playground Castles

Whether leaping across a Trim Trail like a ninja warrior or scaling to the top of a Climbing Frame like a daring mountaineer, our Active Play range of playground equipment is here to be conquered! We have a complete range of challenging and inspiring products suitable for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 playgrounds.

School Playground Equipment to get Children Active 


Our Active Play School Playground Equipment has been specifically designed to not only help promote an active lifestyle in your school but to help develop children's personal and social development. Children will experience taking safe risks and will naturally develop physical and gross motor skills such as balance, hand strength, and upper/lower body coordination when attempting the different structures. Children will also begin to partake in group play as they work in teams to reach the top of Towers or race each other across our Trim Trail, no matter what imaginative game they create, they will enhance their social competence and communication skills.

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