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Wow pupils and parents with the Active Play offering at your school! Your pupils will be able to develop their gross motor skills, coordination, and balance as they run, jump, and leap along our Trim Trails or Climbing Frames like the adventurer they are! Our Outdoor Active Play Equipment will have your little ones becoming Indiana Jones in no time! 

School Playground Equipment to get Children Active 

Encourage outdoor play with our range of Trim Trails, Climbing Frames, Play Towers, Castles and Tree Houses. Get your pupils away from the screen and out into the fresh air by providing exciting and engaging play facilities!

Developing their muscle strength, children can advance up the climbing wall using both fine and gross motor skills as they grip the rocks to pull themselves upwards.

Or should you wish to boost imagination, creativity, and activity all at once, look at our range of play towers. Children can be the brave knights or royal princes or bold queen’s and princesses and create their very own playtime stories!

Our stunning Forest Trim Trails are a great way of improving your pupils’ balance and co-ordination as they navigate their way across stepping logs, balance beams and net traverses’.

As children plot and plan their way across the trail, they develop their problem-solving skills, promoting innovation and creativity. These facilities are even great for team-working skills as classmates come together to encourage and assist one another along.

Will your pupils choose speed over agility? Will they choose independence over forming an alliance with their peers? How will they find their way across? It’s up to them to decide!

These facilities provide pupils with the opportunity to safely assess risk and evaluate the world around them as they make decisions about which move to make next!

Why should I explore the Active Play Range?

  • Encourages innovation and problem-solving skills
  • Boosts teamwork and friendship
  • Physical development equipment available even at playtime
  • Exciting addition to every playground
  • Allows children to build their confidence
  • Wide range of facilities for all ages

If none of our advanced trails fit your specific needs or wishes, at Pentagon, we can create a bespoke trail for your pupils, challenging them with a unique set of obstacles and items that is customised specifically to the needs of your school.

Offering a range of individual items that come together as a set or can be customised to your wishes, our trails and climbers are unlike anyone else’s, and we invite you browse our whole range here.

If you are looking to expand your active play offerings, then contact us today for a free consultation on the best products for your school!

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