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Sticker graphic representing MUGAs -Multi Use Games Areas

MUGAs -Multi Use Games Areas


Sticker graphic representing Standard Sports Surface

Standard Sports Surface


Sticker graphic representing 3G Sports Surface

3G Sports Surface


Sticker graphic representing 4G MUGA Sports Surface

4G MUGA Sports Surface


Sticker graphic representing Sports Fencing and Gate Options

Sports Fencing and Gate Options


Sticker graphic representing Recessed Goals Options

Recessed Goals Options


Our MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas) satisfy a wide range of sporting demands and provide your children with the perfect space to compete and develop their Fundamental Movement Skills. We offer a wide range of MUGA pitch surfacing options which include 2G, 3G, 4G and polymeric surfaces, perfect for all types of sports. Our enclosures use a rigid mesh fencing systems with rebound panels and recessed goals to create the perfect enclosed Multi use Games Area!

Multi Use Games Areas To Enhance Your School Playground and P.E Lessons

Our versatile Multi Use Games Areas (known more commonly as MUGAs) are the perfect host to a multitude of sporting activities all throughout the year. Create the ideal outdoor venue for football, netball, lacrosse, hockey, basketball, tennis and even quidditch in your school grounds! 

Whether you are looking for a brand new Multi Use Games Area to be installed on an unloved piece of the playground or a boggy and inaccessible part of the school field, or you just want to refurbish your existing sports provision - from a simple kick-about area to a full-scale facility, we can match your exact requirements from start to finish. 

What Makes Pentagon Play's MUGAs So Special?

Our multi use games areas prove time and again to be an invaluable space-saving and cost-effective solution for schools, making them the perfect facility to invest in for active play and sports. Being the perfect surface for multiple sports, your sports clubs and PE lessons no longer have to create their own sports areas.

With over 25 years of experience in the playground industry, Pentagon Play have helped hundreds of secondary and primary schools across the UK create the perfect areas for a variety of sports to be played in and for children to physically develop.

Variety Of High Quality Surfacing Options

Surfacing is key to making sure you get exactly what you need from Multi Use Games Areas. As the UK’s Number 1 playground provider, we are proud to offer a wide variety of top-quality sport surfacing options - including 2G, 3G, 4G and other polymeric surfaces, tarmac and Wet Pour - which we install to the highest of standards. 

All of our MUGAs are built to Sport England standards and our Artificial Grass surfacing has passed FIFA's most rigorous durability tests.  They’re all super-low maintenance (no mowing!) and will provide a consistent surface across the seasons.

Durable and Safe

We want you to get the most out of your MUGA for many years to come, even though your students will (hopefully!) put it through the toughest of tests!

All of our Multi Use Games Area pitches include a shockpad underlay, and drainage solutions tailored to suit on-site conditions at your school, to ensure they can be accessed by your pupils in all weathers. Different sports will excel on our durable MUGAs, from sports like hockey and football to tennis and netball.

Amazing Add-ons For MUGAs

We offer a range of rigid Sports Mesh Fencing and Gate choices for our Multi Use Games Area enclosures, along with rebound panels and recessed goal, target and ball chute options, and an entire range of bright and bold line markings to allow children to play sports easily and effectively.

Our Sports Mesh Fencing has an anti-climb design so it’s safe and secure from both sides. A clear through-view allows spectators to stand safely around the edges of the MUGA to cheer on their classmates! All of these add-ons can help bring more life to multi use games areas and help different sports have ease of access to the right equipment.

Bring Excitement To Active Play With Pentagon Play's MUGAs Today!

Wondering if ground conditions or inclement weather conditions might make access to your MUGA an issue? Not as far as we’re concerned! We’re a complete school playground provider, so we have the expert design-capability and the appropriate resources to create easy-link pathway access from your MUGA to your dry areas. 

Speak to our helpful staff today and see how Pentagon Play can provide a cost effective solution to your sport area problems with our fantastic range of multi use games areas today!