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Sticker graphic representing Pinnacle Hill Climber

Pinnacle Hill Climber


Sticker graphic representing Pinnacle Hill Climber with Platform

Pinnacle Hill Climber with Platform


Sticker graphic representing Harter Fell Climber

Harter Fell Climber


Sticker graphic representing Bowfell Climber

Bowfell Climber


Sticker graphic representing Tryfan Climber

Tryfan Climber


Sticker graphic representing Crinkle Crags Climber

Crinkle Crags Climber


Sticker graphic representing Grizedale Forest Circuit

Grizedale Forest Circuit


Sticker graphic representing Whinlatter Forest Circuit

Whinlatter Forest Circuit


Sticker graphic representing Kielder Forest Circuit

Kielder Forest Circuit


We have an incredible range of climbing frames suitable for all ages from Early Years through to Key Stage 2. Our climbing frames are accessible from all angles, making the challenge more exciting for children. 

Imaginative Climbing Frames Designed For Schools


The climbing frame has been a firm playground favourite for as long as we can remember - that feeling of excited anticipation, rushing outside in a race to the top, remains a fond memory from our own childhood!

Of course, things have moved on a bit since then - and with that in mind, we’ve used our Pentagon design magic to take the climbing frame concept to the next level!

We have created an incredible portfolio of climbing frames for the young climbers of today, offering the developmental potential for all ages, from nursery and the Early Years through KS1 and KS2 pupils.

With everything from our compact Log and Net Climbers and Climbing Walls to our more complex and challenging Log, Rope and Platform Climbers, and of course our dynamic, enigmatic Forest Circuit structures presenting a multitude of enthralling climbing challenges - there really is something to suit every age, every ability and every budget.

Children love an opportunity to climb - it’s dare-devil fun and it’s so wonderfully beneficial for their physical fitness, strength and development!

Our Climbing Frames are designed specifically to support a holistic approach to a child’s physical development.

Through stretching, reaching and swinging, balancing, stepping and jumping, grabbing and grasping, pulling and pushing, our Playframes encourage a whole range of movements to improve children’s balance and coordination, core stability, spatial awareness, muscle strength and motor skills, and cardiovascular health.

Whether it’s a castle in the clouds, a mighty skyscraper, a warrior’s den, or a jungle dwellers lair - whatever they make of their Pentagon climbing frame, it’s theirs to be tackled!

It takes logical thinking to plan how to get where they want to be, how best to move their bodies within the framework. They’ll be assessing risk and making decisions for themselves before their next move.

An ideal resource for building confidence through child-led play - we’re excited to introduce you to our amazing range. See you at the top!