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Our playground tarmac surfacing is durable, reliable and provides a smooth finish. We can work with you to tarmac a playground, car park, pavement, pathway or even a Multi Use Games Area.  We’ll also happily repair and lay new tarmac over existing areas.  Moreover, our tarmac project can be finished to Local Authority specifications.

Durable, Reliable and Cost-Effective Playground Tarmac


Tarmac. What can we say about tarmac? It’s tarmac.

It’s not the most exciting playground product out there, we know.

But - and there is a but!

Tarmac has its place. It’s a durable, reliable, cost-effective, old faithful that lasts a lifetime.

Providing a smooth finish to any school playground, Tarmac is highly weather resistant and can handle pretty much anything you throw at it - heavy footfall, football, chalk drawings and messy play times spent exploring. It can survive anything from hot sun to ice and hail - storms, rain, snow or a blowing gale.

Always weed and water-free, tarmac is an incredibly low-maintenance, easy to use surfacing option. It’s super-hardy, and on the rare occasions that any cracks might appear years down the line, it’s very quick and easy to repair. 

Tarmac also presents an environmentally-friendly playground surfacing choice for schools.  It can easily be recycled over and over again - there is no limit to the number of times that tarmac can be dug up and re-laid without wasting any materials.

It’s also a great surface upon which our fabulous range of Playground Markings for sports, games and outdoor learning can be laid easily - providing good grip for longevity and a strong colour contrast so the markings can easily be seen in any light.

Whether it’s a playground, a sports court, a car park or a series of pathways that you need, Tarmac is versatile and can be laid anywhere you need it - and we always lay our surfacing in accordance with any Local Authority specifications.

Sometimes the old ones are the best!