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Expand your learning facilities with a high quality, lasting Outdoor Classroom built with sustainably sourced materials. Following all current building regulations, these classrooms are constructed and installed on site, according to your needs and wishes. No matter the weather, pupils will be able study in the fresh air and experience an exciting change of learning environment with our expansive range that includes Gazebos, Canopies, Cabins and Lodges.

Our Outdoor Classroom Designs Bring Learning To Life

Whatever the weather, pupils can now experience the effectiveness of an outdoor classroom! A change of learning environment can be extremely beneficial to pupils and this sheltered area will add so much to your learning space.

Your Outdoor Classroom will be built on site according to your curricular and pupil needs. Built to the highest standard with great quality materials, this long-lasting fixture will benefit your school and classes for years to come.

You have the freedom to choose from our extensive range of options include Gazebos, vibrant and colourful Canopies, Science Cabins and Educational Lodges.

Within our variety of Outdoor Learning Hubs, you can include features selected to your specifications. Complete with benches, ramps and giant chalkboards or whiteboards, this product can be just as you like it!

These classrooms truly are an extension of your learning space and can be hugely beneficial to the learning abilities of your pupils.

Your sheltered learning area can be connected to your building or freestanding elsewhere on your grounds and can feature lockable doors or shutters for security purposes when the area is not in use.

Storage can be added to the units to provide your school with additional learning and play space within your indoor classrooms.

These facilities are extremely popular within primary schools as their versatility means they are both an outstanding play and learning space, offering extra seating, shelter, and educational facilities!

Why is an Outdoor Classroom right for your school?

  • A unique and different learning space to engage your pupils
  • Suitable for year-round use
  • Customised to your specific classroom requirements
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Sheltered space for playtimes
  • A quiet environment for time away from the classroom
  • An opportunity to get a breath of fresh air
  • Ideal for reading, play, writing, communicating, waiting, playing, or listening to music, art, and light exercise

Invigorate your school environment with a beautifully built and amazingly useful Outdoor Shelter, ready to be utilised for learning, play and reflective time for pupils of all ages.

Please contact us today to find out more about how an Outdoor Classroom may benefit your pupils or to book a free sales consultation with one of our Outdoor Learning Consultants!

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