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Playground Climbing Towers that are suitable for Early Years Foundation Stage onwards. Our play towers promote both active and imaginative play and help encourage children to communicate with each other. Children can build their climbing confidence per their ability and overcome challenges through safe risk taking.  Our towers are also a great place for role play and den-making, with plenty of space on the top as well as underneath.

Extraordinary play towers promote both active and imaginative play


Our Playground Climbing Towers are something special!

An optimal outdoor learning resource for crossover between physical and imaginative play, each Tower offers a collection of exciting and challenging interactive elements for children to explore.

We have a range of Play Towers suitable for use from EYFS through to KS2 - each will support high level, investigative sensory play and learning, and outstanding physical literacy development, in your school playground.

Our Play Towers encourage children to stay fit and active and exercise their bodies in a fun way, through continually changing movement patterns.

Children can play actively, scrambling up and down nets, climbing walls and ladders, running over bridges and ramps, sliding through tunnels, down chutes, slides and poles. They’ll be developing their motor control, balance, strength, coordination and core stability, and letting off steam all at the same time!

Outdoor play presents the perfect opportunity for fine motor development in young children. With our Play Towers in particular, there are multiple opportunities to strengthen those fine motor movements, as children use their hands to grip and grasp the ropes, poles and climbing holds. Pulling and pushing against their own weight as they hold on, stretching and extending their hands and fingers - their hands are in constant use and getting a good work-out of their own! 

Pretend play is another prominent feature with our Play Towers, and children can be especially creative with how they use them. Being an interactive resource, on which children can apply and reinforce their own ideas and understanding of subjects learned across the curriculum, is what makes them so brilliant.

Watch them using their imaginations as they pretend they’re travelling on the International Space Station or working in an emergency rescue station - making dens and acting out favourite stories have all been tried and tested on our Play Towers!

Each of our individually designed Play Towers have been created with different and specific play and educational needs in mind. Which Play Tower would be the best fit for your school? We are always available to discuss your exact requirements.

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