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Sticker graphic representing Restormel Modular Play Tower

Restormel Modular Play Tower


Sticker graphic representing Kenilworth Modular Play Tower

Kenilworth Modular Play Tower


Sticker graphic representing Tintagel Modular Play Tower

Tintagel Modular Play Tower


Sticker graphic representing Framlingham Modular Play Tower

Framlingham Modular Play Tower


Sticker graphic representing Goodrich Modular Play Tower

Goodrich Modular Play Tower


Sticker graphic representing Bolsover Modular Play Tower

Bolsover Modular Play Tower


Sticker graphic representing Carisbrooke Modular Play Tower

Carisbrooke Modular Play Tower


Sticker graphic representing Warkworth Modular Play Tower

Warkworth Modular Play Tower


Sticker graphic representing Beeston Modular Play Tower

Beeston Modular Play Tower


Playground Climbing Towers that are suitable for Early Years Foundation Stage onwards. Our play towers promote both active and imaginative play and help encourage children to communicate with each other. Children can build their climbing confidence per their ability and overcome challenges through safe risk taking.  Our towers are also a great place for role play and den-making, with plenty of space on the top as well as underneath.

Tower structures that are suitable for Early Years foundation stage onward. Our designs combine both active and imaginative play which aids children’s physical development whilst also fuelling their creativity. With active challenges of varying difficulty, your children can build their confidence according to their ability and benefit from taking safe risks. Our designs naturally lend themselves to role playing and den making encouraging group play and can even be used as an engaging resource to teach children about certain topics across the curriculum.