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Playturf Artificial Grass

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Artificial Grass Playturf


Playground Mound

Playground Mound


Our artificial grass has been specially designed for schools and nurseries to help create captivating and safe all-weather outdoor learning environments. With an amazing 10-year guarantee and over 25 years’ experience, you will have peace of mind that we will transform unloved areas into new and exciting spaces to play and learn. Produced from quality materials and woven to high standards, our artificial grass has passed FIFA's rigorous durability tests.

The Best Artificial Grass For Schools and Nurseries

Do you have an unloved area of the playground that is becoming unsafe for children due to mud and bad drainage? Do you have a waterlogged field that hardly ever gets used? Our artificial grass is the perfect solution for your school and will create new zones for children to learn and play year-round.

Hundreds of schools and nurseries across the UK have turned to Pentagon Play for their synthetic grass needs, knowing that we are the industry experts when it comes to making safe and engaging play areas. No matter the usage, your children can be safe whilst taking part in any activities on our artificial grass.

Why You Should Choose Pentagon Play Artificial Grass?

With parents and guardians looking for schools and nurseries that can provide active play areas to keep their children fit and healthy, it's important that your school/nursery is able to provide the highest quality play area.

When you work with Pentagon Play, we want to provide our clients with something innovative and engaging, hence why our artificial grass range is constantly ahead of the competition. Utilising our 25 years worth of experience, our artificial grass is guaranteed to enhance any playground or surface it is placed on.

Safe and Durable

Children should feel safe when engaging in active play and not have to worry about hurting themselves every time they run, skip and jump on a surface. With our state-of-the-art shock absorbers, Pentagon Play's artificial grass has a cushioned surface, providing a soft landing for any trips or falls and massively reducing the chance of an injury.

Sports areas should also be durable due to the amount of contact the surface will have with the kids. From using the highest-quality materials to making sure our artificial turf is woven to high standards, it's no surprise that our artificial grass has passed FIFA's durability tests, making it incredibly durable. In fact, we offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our artificial grass surfaces, meaning you don't have to worry about replacing your surface for a long time!

Minimal Maintenance

The UK is famous for it's unpredictable weather, which can heavily impact the quality of natural grass. From creating waterlogged pitches to hard, dried-up soil, artificial turf can be a pain to maintain. Not only do you have to keep an eye on the weather, but you have to focus cutting the grass too. All of these factors can lead to your school or nursery burning a lot of money.

Our artificial grass for schools and nurseries is incredibly low maintenance, meaning you can spend more of your time focusing on other important matters. Due to this, many schools across the UK see our artificial grass as a cost effective solution for providing an engaging, but budget friendly, sports area surface.

A Wide Variety Of Options

The most common problem with natural turf is how restrictive it can be. Where some sports and playtime activities might excel on the surface, others might be held back.

That's why we offer different artificial grass products for different types of play. Our team of Outdoor Learning Consultants will sit down with you and understand what you want to get from your artificial grass surface.

Whether you need a new pitch for your football team or want a comfortable play area for your kiddies, Pentagon Play are sure to have the solution for you.

Create Artificial Grass Play Areas With Pentagon Play!

What are you waiting for? If you're tired of dealing with muddy footprints throughout your school, intense maintenance schedules and having to constantly spend money on repairing your natural grass, then now is the perfect time to embrace our artificial grass surface!