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We provide market-leading playground resources for messy play, den-making, role play, investigative learning, music making, expressive arts, creative writing and more. Our imaginative and creative products are fully inclusive and non-prescriptive, encouraging children to work together and lead the play as they wish.

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Imaginative and Creative Playground Equipment

As a vital part of every child’s development, imaginative and creative play must be promoted during their school playground experience: enabling them to release their inner creativity and inspiring new imaginative worlds.

With a fantastic selection of innovative playground equipment to promote and inspire imaginative and creative play in the playground, your children will be immersed into transporting themselves into new places.

Designed with learning in mind, our imaginative and creative playground equipment promotes cross-curricular play and encourages children to develop their communication and language skills, social skills, understanding of the world and PSED through play.

Our innovative range of Mud, Sand and Water playground equipment makes learning fun as children explore imaginative worlds of restaurants, golden beaches and magnificent jungle waterfalls. Investigative play is promoted outdoors as they explore numerous scientific concepts and the natural world, asking themselves challenging questions and working together to reach a shared goal.

While open-ended den-making equipment and playground playhouses allow children to shape their own play environment as they build structures and transport themselves into imaginary worlds, developing their understanding of the world and teamwork skills.

Exploring rhythm and working together to write and perform their own plays enables children to improve their self-confidence, spoken language and cooperation skills. Our unique selection of playground performance stages and outdoor musical instruments are perfect for promoting imaginary play in your school playground or nursery garden.

What will your children become today? An engineer constructing a dam? A scientist investing the plant lifecycle? A builder constructing a house? A chef producing delicious playground-cooked meals?  Let your children’s imaginations run wild!

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