David Furlong

Product Designer

I grew up in Ireland, constantly outdoors enjoying the local scenery with friends! This is where I got into hurling (a traditional Irish sport) and found that I really enjoyed it. I always thought that I'd end up as a professional hurler but it's a bit hard to make a living that way (although I still do it for a hobby now!). 

As I got older, my love for cars grew and I thought I'd end up working in Formula One. Even though that didn't happen, my job now is pretty cool too! 

As a Product Designer, I get to spend my days designing things that I know will put a smile on children's faces. Plus, I get to put my technical skills to good use, using my love of graphics from school to visually design the products before they get made!

When I'm not putting all my skills to good use at work, you can find me using my spare time to game on my Xbox or Nintendo Switch, where I can catch up with my friends from Ireland at the same time- it's a win win!

I live a pretty fun life and I've even managed to pick up some cool mementos along the way like a ball signed by my favourite Hurling player which I still have to this day!

David Furlong David Furlong

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