David Williamson

Senior Software Engineer

I was born in Manchester and lived in Burnage until I was 3. I then spent the majority of the first part of my childhood in Poynton Cheshire, before moving to a school in Manchester to study music when I was 13.

For most of my school years, I wanted to be a musician and studied Cello playing pretty seriously. But I’ve always been excited about the latest tech and made computer games and software with my brother from before I was 10.

My favourite subjects at school were computing and music technology. Mostly because I always loved hands-on problem-solving subjects rather than overly “academic” subjects. I loved all sorts of technology and spent most of my free time experimenting and learning about what was possible with the tools I had access to at the time.

Firstly, I love seeing the amazing products and playgrounds that Pentagon produce, and how much of an impact they make on young children’s lives. As a software engineer primarily involved in front-end development, I get a unique opportunity to be involved in every department in the business. To be able to make software that makes the other team members’ jobs more efficient, so they can communicate better and ultimately have more creativity to make amazing spaces for children is something that I love to be a part of.

I’m a keen traveller, filmmaker and musician, so any chance I get I love to explore new cultures and capture them in recordings or through videos. I’ve always been fascinated by people who live completely different lives to ours, and how we can learn from other cultures to improve our own communities and lives back home.

I’ve appeared as a musician extra on several TV shows including BBC’s ‘Our Zoo’. I made my first TV appearance playing Cello in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest finals for singer Jack Garratt when I was 12 years old. Unfortunately, he came last, but is now a very successful singer-songwriter!

David Williamson David Williamson

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