Emma Wolfendale

Installations Co-ordinator

When I was younger, I lived in Twickenham where my love of animals and sports began. I always thought I'd be a vet when I grew because of how much I loved animals. Although that didn't work out, my love of animals is still the same and I spend a lot of my time walking my dog and competing in Dog Triathlons.

My love for sports is still very much real too; I play hockey regularly and can often be found cycling in my spare time. 

Thinking about it now, even though I didn't become a vet, my job now makes sense. I've always enjoyed maths and sometimes, it's as if my brain thinks in numbers rather than words! Being an Installation Coordinator incolves a lot of numbers, and it also involves me being in control a lot of the time-which I love (I'm secretly a control freak at heart!).

Emma Wolfendale Emma Wolfendale

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