Kieran Meehan

Product Designer

When I was growing up in Lincolnshire, I developed a love of sports, mostly rugby. I spent most of my weekends with my friends on the rugby pitch! So much so that I really thought that I'd end up being a rugby player when I got older. 

This love of sports continued into high school but I also developed a love for art! Having the chance to design really amazing and unique artwork, like a suit of armour constructed from Coke cans, was wat I really loved. This is why my job as Pentagon product designer is perfect for me! Being able to take an idea from my head and bring it to life is so much fun and no two days around the Pentagon office are the same!

My love for art carries through to my spare time too as I can often be found at my local Hobbycraft purchasing some cross stitch to do in my spare time!

Kieran Meehan Kieran Meehan

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