Maisie Brown

Sales Support Administrator

When I was growing up I always enjoyed dressing up, making up dances with my friends and LOVED singing (as much as my family might not have) My favourite Christmas present was a dress-up Brittney Spears costume and my Mum really struggled to get me out of it! I always wanted to be a singer and used to tell my family I was going to go on X-factor, I used to watch this religiously. – I can confidently confirm that I definitely do not have the voice I thought I had.  

My favourite subjects in school were Maths and Dance which couldn’t be further apart. I believe this is because it expresses my traits well, problem-solving and expressing myself through music.  

Outside of work I would say I have a mix of interests, I mostly spend time with my boyfriend, family and friends, you’ll either catch me out exploring new places going on walks, at the pub/bar or at a restaurant because I’m a right foodie!. I always grew up with my family playing music and ever since I have always loved such a variety of genres BUT I can guarantee I’ll be listening to Harry Styles 98% of the time. I love clothes shopping and exploring new fashion. (although my New Year’s resolution is to stop buying clothes due to saving for a house)  Interior design/ DIY is something that I’ve always enjoyed,  any little project I can get my hands on I will. Whether it’s as simple as organising spaces within the house, Ikea flat pack or planning to decorate/redecorate.  I am very lucky to have my 4 nieces, 1 nephew, 1 Goddaughter and my best friend's little girls who are big bundles of energy that keep me very busy, this comes totally naturally to me after working with children for nearly 10 years, apparently, it’s like having a kids holiday rep on the doorstep! 

A fun fact about myself is that I have never broken a bone in my body nor been stung by a bee/wasp. (touch wood) 

Maisie Brown Maisie Brown

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