Mark Slatter

Outdoor Learning Consultant

I joined Pentagon Play in January 2021 after previously working as a learning support assistant at the school in which I attended when I was a student. I loved my school days so much that I’ve never quite literally left the playground behind me!

I relished the experience of working in a school just as much as attending it. I have gained the valuable experience of working with all different types of young people which provided me with a passion towards working within the education industry and having an impact on young people’s lives.

During my studies I received a degree in music and live events which I achieved studying at Bucks New University. I have a passion for music and love attending live events and being a part of a community.

As a kid I played CD’s my parents gave to me and would have so much fun singing along on my karaoke machine. But it was clear signing really wasn’t for me so I have since taught myself to play the drums instead!

I embrace the outdoors and especially love going to the seaside. I relish the opportunity to play sport on the beach such as football and cricket as well as climbing and exploring through the rocks.

I also like to design and build things hence, my favourite thing to do when on the beach is making a boat out of sand to sit in and seeing how long we can stay in the boat before the tide comes overboard and we have to abort ship!... Best part is, it’s still as fun now as it was the first time!

Pentagon Play, like a good playground, facilitates me to be able to encapsulate all my passions into one place. Doing this job lets me be involved with the outdoors, education and working with young people through the process of using my imagination, to help create outdoor spaces that transition from a dream to reality.

This gives me a career which is fun and creative but most importantly facilitates the unbeatable job satisfaction that comes with making a difference to young people’s lives.

I understand how important outdoor learning was for me growing up and the positive influence it has had on my life and therefore, I am blessed to be a part of a team dedicated to giving young people of today the same opportunities.

As they say there is a child in all of us and it feels pretty cool to be doing a job whereby every days a school day and we are able to say we work hard and we play harder!

Mark Slatter Mark Slatter

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