Oli Jones

Installation Manager

Growing up I always wanted to be a fireman. The big red trucks, flashing lights and loud sirens would always fill me with excitement. I always wanted to be as courageous and brave as the men and women that would put themselves in harm's way to save people and put out fires – like real life superheroes. Also, being a Welshmen I had a big soft spot for Fireman Sam and still love watching it with my boys now. 

In my spare time, that's where you'll typically find me, spending time with my sons, Archie and Bobby. We love going for walks, taking trips to the playground, going to the 'rugby house' or lounging around watching films together. You may also find me playing rugby or even American Football in the summer months! 

I have always been an avid rugby fan and love being outside and keeping active. I believe playing rugby has shaped me into a committed team player. Sport is a great way to learn key career attributes, such as - leadership, discipline, accountability and working cohesively within a team to achieve success.  

I've always enjoyed spending time in the outdoors, which may explain my time as an Army Cadet when I was younger, even going on to win a clay pigeon shooting contest, beating all other platoons in the country!  

Oli Jones Oli Jones

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