Paul Speller

Outdoor Learning Consultant

I joined Pentagon Play in August 2021, having previously worked in an EYFS setting as a Reception Teacher at a Primary School in Sussex. Prior to this, I studied a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, graduating from the University of Brighton with Masters Level accreditation.

I have a deep understanding of how children learn and grow, particularly in the formative years, and I am hugely passionate about providing exciting and stimulating playful experiences that develop the ‘whole’ child.

Child-led and play-based learning is the best form of education and there is no better environment for this than the great outdoors. Whether it be a playground, an EYFS-adapted space, the woods or the local high street, the opportunity to engage and interact with the world around them in all manner of ways is invaluable to a child’s holistic development.

What I find so wonderful about children is that they are so innately driven to explore, enquire, question, and investigate and to be fortunate enough to be in a position where I can use my expertise and experience to facilitate this is a real privilege!

Life to me is one big adventure and one of my biggest passions is travel, having lived in both Australia and Vietnam and explored 20 different countries across the world. I am fortunate enough to also live amongst the beautiful Sussex South Downs and just a stone’s throw from the seaside – a lifelong dream that came true when I moved to Brighton in 2014.

I am also very active and absolutely love being outdoors whenever I can – be it playing sports, walking the dog, or riding my mountain bike around the countryside.  I’m also kept fit by my wonderfully curious and relentlessly active 3-year-old daughter so be it at work or at home, life is forever play, play, play!

Paul Speller Paul Speller

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