Rick Sheldon

Head of Software Engineering

I spent most of my childhood playing outdoors. Having been fortunate enough to grow up close to Lyme Park I spent many happy days exploring the countryside around me.

My mind changed quite a few times on the role I’d like to do when I grew up, I know for a long time I wanted a job that involved being outdoors and exploring! However, after spending time learning to program computers I’ve stayed on a pretty steady path in the world of software development.

For most of my school years, my favourite subject was Geography, I loved to understand how and why the landscapes around us appeared and we were shaped in the way they were.

However, in my later school years, I became more involved in the world of computers and how to program them. I loved it and decided to pursue this as my future career, going on to study Computer Science.

I love how working in software development gives you an insight into so many areas of a business. As you build software to help facilitate requests and ideas you learn all about how each department works and functions. It is also great to be able to build software that genuinely makes a difference to the people that use it.

I still like to get outdoors, we’re fortunate enough to have a large garden and I spend lots of time looking after it and growing vegetables.

Aside from that, I spend plenty of time walking our energetic and very expressive golden doodle in the hills around where we live.

I love Winter, cold weather, especially frosty mornings.

Rick Sheldon Rick Sheldon

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