Sam Flatman

Co-Owner, and Head of Sales (South)

Whilst my children are now both adults, it only seems like yesterday that they were in Primary! 

I have been working in Primary and Nursery schools since 2005 and I combine my passion for education, outdoor learning, and experience of logistics, with my flair for design! It helps me to design outstanding outdoor learning spaces for your children.

 I am always thinking ‘What is the best way to enable learning and development in a practical and cost-conscious way?’ Together we will create some beautiful and practical educational spaces, in which your children can grow to love learning! 

I regularly spend time in schools, observing how you wonderful teachers, use the resources you have, to help enable your children’s learning journey.  

As a Company Director, it is my job to help Pentagon to be a wonderful place to work ‘with’, be you a colleague or customer. We firmly believe in ‘lifelong learning.’ I support our colleagues to be the leading lights in creativity and empathy. We very much believe that ‘everyday is a learning day’ I am incredibly grateful to be part of a team which helps me to grow too.  

At school, I was a bit of a bookworm. It is partly why I am so keen on getting ‘all’ children outside and enjoying sport and fitness. These things are not just for the ‘sporty kids’ they are for everybody, every day, all of the time.  

Apart from my love of education, I am a huge fan of walking in and around Dartmoor and Devon; nature is a great inspiration for me, and I go out in all weathers – there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing! I enjoy the current affairs, theatre, photography, art, mindfulness, and the gym. 

Sam Flatman Sam Flatman

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