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Our South Wales Pentagon Projects!

The latest and greatest of our South Wales Projects

Working across the United Kingdom, Pentagon Play has transformed over 10,000 playgrounds and improved the educational opportunities for 500,000 children!

Every project that we, as a company, get to work on is extremely special to us and that is why we do what we do!

an outdoor classroom on artificial grass surfacing with the stone school in the background

As our company grows, so does the massive quantity of locations that we get to work within! So we have decided to highlight some of our most spectacular areas, and this week, it's South Wales!  Operating in the South Wales area gives us the amazing opportunity to visit some of the beautiful scenery and collaborate with a number of enthusiastic schools on play projects!

a distanced view of the muga in the playground with the goal posts and basketball posts

Our hard-working and excited playground consultant, Chloe Pope, a resident of South Wales herself,  has taken the reins of this region and her projects so far have been outstanding!

Come with us as we explore some of the latest projects that Chloe and the team have helped to create.

a view of our individual trim trail items on the green artificial grass surfacing below

Switching up the learning environments at Fleur-De-Lys Primary School

Looking to add some extra learning space to their school premises, but not looking to add an extension to the building, Fleur-De-Lys Primary School were struggling to come up with an ideal solution.

a timber gazebo with green roof and without a decked base on gree artificial grass surfacing with a giant black chalkboard and timber benches inside

With Pentagon’s Bespoke 5m Gazebo, the pupils at this Welsh School now have a stunning learning environment where they can take a breath of fresh air whilst still continuing all of the learning fun.

the inside of the timber gazebo shows timber benches around the inside, a giant black chalkboard and artificial grass surfacing on the floor below

Complete with a Giant Chalkboard mounted to the side and Perch Benches surrounding the inside, this Gazebo comes with all of the benefits of a typical classroom, with the additional blessing of the stunning Welsh views.

Taking in the sea air whilst doing their times tables will be such an amazing feature for this primary school!

a zoomed out view of the timber canopy with green roof, artificial grass surfacing beneath and benches inside

A Sports Ground in Barry

A stunning sports facility has now been incorporated into the learning environment of Oakfield Primary School in Barry.

Wishing to utilise their outdoor space to its full potential, Oakfield Primary School contacted Pentagon seeking the installation of a MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area).

a view of the green and yellow muga surfacing with blue fences around and a basketball hoop

Fenced off to create a specific space for sports games, P.E lessons and independent play, this primary school now has a dedicated sector of their premises to enjoy their break time.

a zoomed in pic of the white and orange basketball hoop with blue surfacing below

Surfaced to be ideal for a multitude of ball games, our MUGA can be used by all ages and incorporated into an abundance of lesson plans and activity ideas!

It really is the ideal multi-purpose space for any school.

a birdseye view of the muga with the sun shining down on it

Putting some mindfulness into practice at Pengam Primary School

As part of their brand new playground project, Pengam Primary School included some Small Artificial Grass-Topped Seats and WigWams into their installation.

a wigwam sits on artificial grass with timber grass topped seats in the background

This Caerphilly School has provided the ideal mindfulness space for their pupils in the busy school environment.

Schools can often be overwhelming places for little learners with the sheer amount of knowledge they absorb daily; equipping them with a safe space to unwind is essential.

a zoomed in pic of the timber wigwam

WigWams are an excellent method of giving pupils the private space that they may need to relax their mind and prevent sensory overload.

Quiet time is something children need, as well as adults.

the timber seats with artificial grass topping for comfort

Having the area with the Grass-Topped Seats is perfect as well as they create an open communication zone for children to sit and talk with their teachers and peers.

Simple additions like these to a play area can transform a child’s educational experience by improving their concentration levels and communication skills.

another side view of te timber wigwams and the artificial grass topped seats with artificial grass surfacing below

Learning Through Play in Pembrokeshire

An Active Play Design like no other, Roch Community School tailored their design to their educational wishes with the help of learning consultant, Chloe.

a timber climbing frame standing on artificial grass topped surfacing

Adding one of our most popular climbing frames, The Tryfan Climber, to their wishlist, Chloe worked with the school to ensure that they had the ideal safety surfacing necessary to make risk-taking possible without the danger.

a view of the individual trim trail items including climbing wall, log crossing and drop rope traverse

Customising their own trail with individual items, Roch Community School combined a Drop Rope Tightrope Crossing, Double-Sided Horizontal Climbing Wall Traverse and Horizontal Swinging Log Crossing.

This Active Play Provision will really make a difference to the pupils at this school, giving them the facilities to enhance their gross motor skills, their risk evaluation and their agility.

a close up view from the climbing wall all the way across the timber trail n the artificial grass surfacing showing the tryfan climber in the background

We love being given the opportunity to expand our Playground Locations and being able to work with schools in Wales such as these amazing schools was such an honour for us!

Now you know, if you need a Playground Company in Wales, then you can Contact Us!

a tryfan climber made of timber sitting on the green artificial grass surfacing