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Forest Climbing Wall Traverse - Full Height

Our product code: P-AP-TT-FCWT_F

Smooth pressure-treated play grade timber panels stand together to form a magnificent mountain range, complete with realistic craggy tops and boulder-like grip holds.

Children can scramble up and down this vertical climbing wall challenge, gripping onto the climbing holds to pull themselves up, placing their feet carefully and pushing themselves up from the lower holds.

Designed to promote physical strength and bolster their motor skills, this Climbing Wall Traverse also helps to improve mental agility.

Navigating the wall, picking the best hold, choosing a pathway and solving problems along the way develops logical and creative thinking.

And when they need to escape, have a break and reset, just focusing on the climb can help children to re-centre their thoughts and brings a great sense of achievement.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H):  2750mm x 310mm x 1870mm
  • ​Critical fall height: <1.9M
  • Overall size including fall space: 6270mm x 3830mm
  • Minimum area required*: 20.5M²
  • High pressure treated ‘play grade’ timber
  • Double-sided Climbing walls (x 2)

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