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Sports Premium Discoverer Package

Our product code: P-AP-TT-SPGPB/G

£6,995 +VAT

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Our biggest and most complex active play set for EYFS pupils, this set features "Get Set, Go! Blocks- The Cheviot Set" and our "Play Builder Engineer Set".

Designed to not only encourage problem-solving but also to facilitate the development of balance, agility and coordination, the Play Builder Engineering Set can be used to construct low-level active play trails. Pupils can design them in the form of dragons, castles, or race cars to engage their creativity and imagination, whilst also boosting their physical development.

This package also comes with our largest Get Set, Go! Block Set- The Cheviot Set. This set comes with a multitude of challenges, designed to encourage risk-taking within your pupils as they climb and clamber along, evaluating the width and height of the blocks. This set is excellent for building muscular strength in your pupils as they use both their arms and legs to navigate their way along.

This is the ultimate set for building physical coordination and confidence!

Technical Details

Play Builder Engineer Set (75 pieces) Contents: 

  • x10 rectangle blocks 
  • x10 rectangle lids 
  • x5 square blocks 
  • x5 square lids 
  • x10 tenon planks 
  • x8 button plank long 
  • x8 button plank short 
  • x8 entry ramps 
  • x4 water topper blocks 
  • x6 water channels 
  • x1 storage space

Sizes of components:

  • Square Block Size (L x W x H): 294mm x 294mm x 145mm 
  • Rectangle Block Size (L x W x H): 294mm x 588mm x 145mm 
  • Button Planks Long Length: 1000mm 
  • Button Planks Short Length: 800mm
  • Tenon Planks Length: 610mm
  • Entry Ramp Length: 275mm

Made from:

  • High pressure treated ‘play grade’ timber 
  • Recycled Stokbord plastic
  • Clear polycarbonate water channels 

Guidance for use:

  • Must be used under teacher supervision only
  • Keep stacking to 600mm high for safety
  • Recommend building on soft surfaces and leave sufficient space around blocks 

Get Set Go Blocks Cheviot Set Contents:

  • x15 Blocks
  • Average (L x W x H): 0.48m x 0.5m x 0.45m
  • ‘Play Grade’ high-pressure treated timber
  • Recycled Stokbord plastic
  • PETG mark making panels
  • Playturf artificial grass
  • 20mm impact layer
  • LDPE plastic feet

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