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Large Sensory Panel with Dowels and Chain

Our product code: P-IC-SPE-LSP_DC

Broaden your children’s sensory play opportunities outdoors through the addition of our innovative sensory panel in your playground, created for those who seek auditory and tactile stimulation or self-regulatory activities in mind.

This unique sensory play resource features chain on one side and large dowels on the other.
The chains provide are a fantastic feature for both auditory and tactile stimulation as children run their hands across them, listening to the links knock together.

Whereas the dowels allow children to experience a different texture as they run their fingers around them, developing their sense of touch.

The sensory panel not only provides auditory and tactile stimulation, but can also be used to help children learn to self-regulate their emotions: running their fingers across the materials to feel more relaxed and distracted from any stresses they may be feeling.

As well as being a learning tool, promoting communication and language, children will naturally inquire and ask themselves questions about what they have heard and seen.

These large panels are wall-mounted, which means they can be placed anywhere in your school playground, creating a sensory space that is fully inclusive and accessible for children in wheelchairs.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 1740mm x 96mm x 1800mm
  • 'Play grade' high-pressure treated timber

​Tactile materials:

  • Timber Rounds
  • Stainless Steel Chain

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