Lucie Skeldon

Accounts Assistant

I spent my childhood  outside! I loved playing out! Or going for walks particularly at ‘The Edge’ in Alderley Edge looking for ‘Mr Wolf’ from the 3 Little Pigs – I genuinely believed he lived in the caves there.

My favourite childhood memory is probably playing manhunt with my cousins. They had a huge garden which felt like a forest when we were small! We’d play for hours trying to reach ‘base’ and blow the horn! It was the best when my dad would join in and play with us. Even when it went dark, we didn’t want to go inside.

In school, my favourite subject at school was Dance. It allowed me to be creative and really express myself. I found something that I was good at, and it really helped my confidence.

What I love most about my job is being able to enhance children’s playground experiences. I remember much more about ‘playtime’ at school than I do about being in the classroom so to think that we can make a lasting impression on a child’s learning and play experience by providing amazing equipment is great!

 In my spare time I like to travel abroad to somewhere a little warmer! My favourite places being LA and Dubai. Or taking a dance class– even better if I can combine the two and take a class in a different country.

A fun fact about me is that I have really small feet (size 2!), so I buy children’s shoes! I’ve saved a fortune over the years!

Lucie Skeldon Lucie Skeldon

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