Tyrese Grant

Trainee Playground Installer

I wanted to be Batman growing up, thinking I could fight crime with no superpowers, just being brave and determined! I also liked Bob the Builder when I was at pre-school, and so I am really happy to now have a hands-on job to develop and learn new skills. 


PE was my favourite subject as I had lots of energy to burn off. I loved sports day and was [still am] very competitive!  

I am really pleased to be helping to install outdoor learning spaces with Pentagon Play as I would always choose to learn outside of the classroom if I could! 


I now play senior rugby for the local club I joined at 5 years old. I support England, enjoy the 6Nations and travelled to France recently to watch them win versus Fiji in the RWC quarter finals.  

I’m active and will try any sport. I enjoy basketball, table tennis and being on the water in the nicer weather to surf, paddleboard or kayak.   


I still like to perfect tricks on my scooter in the skate park! 

Tyrese Grant Tyrese Grant

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