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Playground Seating

Available to order online!

Available to order online!
Sticker graphic representing Large Moveable Artificial Grass-Topped Seat

Large Moveable Artificial Grass-Topped Seat


Sticker graphic representing Mushroom Seat

Mushroom Seat


Sticker graphic representing Perch Bench 1.4M

Perch Bench 1.4M


Sticker graphic representing Perch Bench 2.35M

Perch Bench 2.35M


Sticker graphic representing Perch Bench 3.3M

Perch Bench 3.3M


Sticker graphic representing Wheelchair Inclusive Picnic Table

Wheelchair Inclusive Picnic Table


Available to order online!

Available to order online!
Sticker graphic representing Picnic Table

Picnic Table


Available to order online!

Available to order online!
Sticker graphic representing Picnic Table with Football Gametop

Picnic Table with Football Gametop


Available to order online!

Available to order online!
Sticker graphic representing Picnic Table with Maze and Snakes Gametop

Picnic Table with Maze and Snakes Gametop


We have a huge range of playground seating, benches and picnic tables for all types of play areas! Select from story telling areas, different shaped picnic tables, perch benches, movable seats and game top picnic tables and create an area where children can rest and foster their social & communication skills. From nursery to primary school, our playground seating options are perfect for all ages, whether it's for taking a break during playtime to outdoor lessons.

High Quality Playground Seating Options That Enhance Your Play Area's Environment!

If you're looking for a way to enhance your playground, then Pentagon Play's Playground Seating and Benches range is the perfect solution for you! With 25 years of experience under out belts, we know how to create playground benches and seats that'll appeal to your kids and keep them comfortable and engaged.

From creating a tranquil seated area, surrounded by nature, to help teach pupils outdoors to creating a shared space where children can communicate with each other as they eat at picnic benches, our wide range of outdoor benches and seating options are sure to provide value to your school.

Why Should I Get Playground Seating With Pentagon Play?

Not only does playground seating provide a safe area for children to rest and rejuvenate themselves, but it also allows children to play certain games that might require the act of sitting. School playgrounds across the UK are starting to include more seating options to accommodate for these benefits.

Crucially, Pentagon Play playground seating and benches include a variety of unique and engaging designs, allowing you to choose the perfect seating with ease!

Utilise The Seating In A Variety Of Ways

Pentagon Play offer different unique designs of playground seating options, helping you find the perfect fit for your play area. Whether you want an EYFS Picnic Table for outdoor messy play or a Year 6 Leavers Bench to remember the impact a certain class made, we're sure you'll find the perfect solution with us.

Want to create a seated area for promoting creativity? Why not look at our Easel Tables, perfect for letting children unleash their inner artists! Want to create an area for story time? Check out our Storytelling Circle, which helps to keep kids engaged during reading time.

Durable & Long Lasting

All of Pentagon Play's products are made from the highest-quality materials available on the market. We manufacture our our playground benches and playground equipment to last for years, allowing thousands of children to enjoy the quality of our craftsmanship.

From high pressure treated 'play grade' timber to EPDM rubber, every material used by us has been rigorously researched into and tested to see how durable the equipment is. We're so confident in our work that the majority of our products come with fantastic warranties, allowing you to have peace of mind.

Made By Experts Within The Industry

Working in over 15,000 different locations, we've had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with experts and teachers to discover what makes the perfect playground seating and picnic benches. Our designs have been constantly improved, meaning you only get the best when you shop with Pentagon Play.

From having a knowledgeable customer service team to industry leading designers, Pentagon Play are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of playground equipment and seating in the UK. Have a look at our glowing 5-star reviews and brilliant testimonials and see how we've helped thousands of people transform their play areas into something special.

Provide Your Students A Place To Rest With Pentagon's Playground Seating Today!

Enhance your play area today by having one of our amazing outdoor benches placed on it! Watch as your pupils take a moment to embrace the beautiful environment around them as they have a quick rest.

Make sure you look at our outdoor seating range and see some of the fantastic products we have designed. Contact our team and see how we can provide you with the best outdoor seating on the market!