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Pioneer Messy Play Package

Our product code: P-IC-MSW-PMPP

£4,195 +VAT

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This set features two mud kitchens, the island, the water wall and the water channel stands for messy play mayhem. This is the creative play hub for your pupils’ imaginations, promoting story-telling and role play. As they immerse themselves in their own stories, they will continue developing those core fine motor skills needed for adulthood as well as building problem-solving skills that will stay with them as they grow.

The complete mud kitchen set will allow pupils to truly embrace their imagination, mixing, baking, and cooking their very own mud pie recipes. The children will develop the ability to communicate their ideas to their peers and teachers, building key language skills for the future. There are also facilities to support writing skills with the built-in chalkboard menu features where pupils can practice phonics, spellings, and letter formation. Minimal waste is also guaranteed with the inclusion of multiple mud basins fitted into the kitchens where mud can be scraped into to prevent drying and store for play the next day! Featuring two kitchens and an island, pupils now have a realistic messy play kitchen where they can replicate their home life and build their understanding of real-life environments.

The Water Wall and Water Channel Stands also offer their own benefits to your pupils’ learning and play, supporting their problem-solving skills and creativity. EYFS pupils will be able to move these channels freely, using the three variations in length to create their own routes or the water to flow down, building their understanding of gravity. Using the addition of the freestanding Water Channel Stand, pupils will be able to direct the water from the top of the Water Wall and along the water channel stands to an external container or table. Learning how to direct the flow of the water and the capabilities of liquids will support your pupils in their understanding of the world and the facilities around them.

In this ultimate package, children will be able to incorporate messy play into their daily play, supporting their learning outdoors in the fresh air. As they build schemas of knowledge, children will also be able to improve their fine motor skills as they play. Moving the channels, stirring the mud and transferring the substances will support children’s grip, grasp and balance.

Technical Details

Mud Kitchen with Oven, Mud Kitchen with Sink, Island, Early Years Freestanding Water Wall and Channel Stands 

Water Wall

  • Water Wall Size (W x H x D): 1564mm x 1037mm x 433mm
  • Peg Board Panel Size: 1431mm x 798mm
  • 'Play grade' sanded high-pressure treated timber
  • Clear 8mm PETG pegboard
  • Removable, stainless steel basin 
  • Recycled Stokbord plastic brackets 

Waterwall Includes:

  • PETG Panel (Water Wall Panel with cross cut outs)
  • Long Water Channels (x 2)
  • Medium Water Channels (x 2)
  • Small Water Channels (x 2)
  • Water Channel Brackets (x 10)
  • Rain maker (x 1)
  • Water Basin (x 1)
  • Water Stopper (x 2)
  • Water Rapids (x 3)
  • Water Channel Storage Bracket (x 1)
  • Water Bracket Storage (x 1)
  • Water Spout (x 1)

Set of water channel stands 

(Single stand Size) (W x D x H): 344mm x 300mm x 748mm


  • x2 Water Channel Stands 
  • x4 Water Channels (x2 600mm & x2 800mm)
  • x3 Timber Connectors
  • x1 Storage Solution 

Guidance for use:

  • Must be used under teacher supervision only
  • All water must be drained after each use

Mud Kitchen with Oven 

  • Size: (L x W x H): 1180mm x 721mm x 563mm
  • ​Counter top height: 563mm

Mud Kitchen with Sink 

  • Size: (L x W x H): 1180mm x 721mm x 563mm
  • ​Counter top height: 563mm

Mud Kitchen Island

  • Size: (L x W x H): 915mm x 581mm x 563mm
  • ​Counter top height: 563mm


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