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Barnack Pre School’s Timber Canopy

Creating a Seamless Free-Flow Play Provision for Nursery Children


Our playground consultant, Marion Rolph, was delighted to work alongside Kirsty Adams, Pre School Manager of Barnack Pre School, to help create a seamless free flow play provision for their children.

The Lincolnshire-based pre-school had big plans in mind for their outdoor area by providing their children with more space to learn and play within.

Marion worked alongside Kirsty to install a huge timber canopy just outside the classroom doors.

Close up photograph of a large timber canopy attached to a school classroom with bow timber fencing around the canopy.

A Timber Canopy for Shade, Shelter, Play and Learning


Outside of the pre-school building, an 8m x 5m Timber Canopy stands tall, with a wide range of features to fully benefit the little learners.

Featuring a polycarbonate roof, the children are always protected from the bright sunshine during the hottest parts of the days, whilst also being sheltered from the harsher, wetter weather – rainwater runs straight off the roof into the guttering system!

Timber canopy with a sensory roof including different coloured tiles. A child and teacher playing underneath the canopy in front of a blackboard and whiteboard.

The canopy roof also provides a sensory experience to the children. Different coloured tiles projects beautiful, coloured rays of light into the area when the sunshine comes through. What colours can you identify today?

Kirsty wanted to ensure the children could access this area whenever they pleased, so we surrounded the canopy with our Bow Top Timber Fencing, single gate, a Chalkboard and a whiteboard.

One child and a teacher playing in a sandpit in front of a black board and white board underneath the timber canopy's sensory roof.

Little ones can freely access this fantastic outdoor play space, whilst being contained to the one area as practitioners choose when to open the gate and let the children further into the outdoor area.

Early mark making is also encouraged as children take their chalk and whiteboard pens to the canopy ‘wall’ to scribble, draw and write outdoors!

One child and a teacher playing under a large timber canopy that has cladding on one side which is attached to school building.

“The Whole Process was so Easy and Well Organised…”


Kirsty was delighted with the final space and has this wonderful feedback for us:

“The whole process was so easy and well organised, from explaining what we wanted, it being designed to our needs, and the structure being carefully built. The canopy is already benefiting the Pre-School, giving us extra space for the children to learn and play. As we enter the summer months, the canopy will help to give the children some shade during the hot parts of the day, but still give them the opportunity to explore the outdoor area.”

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Two snowmen with a shovel in front of the fencing of a large timber canopy against the school building.